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The Lodge has been in the family for more almost 80 years. It was built around 1898, by a British army Officer who settled down in Madikeri. His descendant, Mrs Martin sold the property to Rao Bahadur Kademada Ganapathy Belliappa who bought it for his wife Mrs Mittu Belliappa in 1938. Wild rumours were present that a cache of treasure was buried somewhere on the property. Don’t worry folks, we have been quite thorough in looking for it, and we are convinced that it is just that – a rumour.

The house had a large amount of land on a slope all around it with 9 acres of coffee estate which was sold over the years. You will not find stuffed heads or various other body parts of animals in our home because we didn’t inherit any. Grandfather Belliappa was a strict Conservator of Forests who retired from the Imperial Forest Service in the year 1941.

Rao Bahadur K G Bell

Rao Bahadur K G Belliappa who was probably the only Kodava to have been awarded all three- the title of Rao Bahadur, The King George V coronation Medal & the King George VI Silver Jubilee Medal



A wedding ceremony at The Lodge in 1941